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May 2019
This was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched ~ Jeana Lundeen

May 2019
This is just so amazing ~ Pamela Jean Clark

April 2019
Loved this~ Rose Black

April 2019
This guy is amazing he did our senior class ~ Saya La’Shae

April 2019
Great show, you’re the best ~ Michael O’clair

November 2018

This was seriously the best time. ~ Amy Carter Nygaard

Fantastic entertainment!!! ~ Mary Kay Brokaw

Hi Dan,
This is Erica Jones, the Fessenden-Bowdon post prom game coordinator. I am emailing you in the hopes that we could hire you for our post-prom party again this year? Everyone absolutely adored you last year and the kids would like you back.Please let me know at your convenience if we can snag you for that event. Thank you so much for your time, hope you’re doing well, take care.
Erica Jones

Collette H has submitted the following review for Gig ID #3230996:

Client Review
Dan Lee was very accommodating for our event and came through for us. He found us a hypnotist that the students enjoyed very much. I would definitely recommend Dan Lee Hypnosis!

Client Ratings
Collette gave you the following star ratings based on your service at their event (1=lowest, 5=highest):
Professionalism: 5
Accommodating: 5
Overall Talent: 5
Recommendation: 5
Overall satisfaction: 5

04/14/18 Fundraiser Event
LaMoure Fundraiser for Imagination Library & Revitalization Park
I Love Dan Lee ~ Clayton Waldie

Oh my gosh too fun!! LaMoure Lions project AMAZ night & FUN!! Thank you Dan Lee Hypnosis for saving us! You are awesome!!! ~ Julie Walie

March 25th 2018
Excellent show at Larimore ND Post Prom!!! ~ Odella Fuqua

March 24th 2018
Thompson ND Mens Club Fund Raiser Event
Every time I see a post all I want to say is I love Dan Lee!
So funny my dad thoroughly enjoyed your show
in Thompson ND ~Dawn Murach Grant

Great Show! ~ Cindy Hegg

OMG hilarious ~Kim Lazur

Hilarious! ~Ronda Heim Binder

Your show was hilarious ~ Cynthia D. Robinson

December 2017
You made the High Plains Christmas party a success. I have not laughed that hard in a long time, you put on a great show!
Brad Severinson Devils Lake ND

May 2017
This was so much fun to watch! ~ Christy Busse

April 2017
I loved Dan Lee’s show, and the photos were awesome. 😂😂😂 ~ Heidi Mathern

Traci Musland Received April 26th 2017
Edgeley ND Post Prom

April 2017

Oh my!! I laughed to the point of tears! What a great show! I never knew my son could speak Chinese until your show!! I love Dan Lee!! ~ Traci Musland

April 2017
I love Dan Lee!…I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you Dan Lee….(I love Dan Lee) for a great show. I’d recommend you anytime. Diane Buckeye Edgeley ND

February 2017
I watched your show today at Viking Plaza & really enjoyed it. It was great entertainment!
~ Karen Larson

February 2017
I luv Dan Lee ~ Kim Struckman Wanek

February 2017
Dan is awesome!! His show is so much fun!!!! ~ Tammy Hopp

February 2017
Best show I’ve seen in a long time can’t wait till the next show ~ Dallas DeWitt

February 2017
Thank you to Dan Lee for putting on an awesome show at the Wadena Elks Lodge! I laughed until I cried, and then I laughed some more! Dan Lee did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable, and his show was definitely “family friendly.” I would absolutely recommend Dan Lee’s show to anyone and everyone — it was SO fun! ~ Shay Wollum, Wadena

January 2017
Great show we had a blast. ~ Carol Jergenson Alexandria MN

January 2017
Excellent show! We had a blast! ~ Carla Revering Gill Alexandria MN

December 2016
Dan Lee was booked for our company Christmas Party. This was, by far, the most entertaining and fun party we have ever had! We are still watching videos and laughing about it the next day and will for many days to come! Even the hypnotist skeptics had a blast and are now believers. We would definitely recommend his show to anyone looking for good clean fun. We “love Dan Lee”. (any folks who have seen his show, will understand) Thanks Dan for such a memorable event!!!

Midwest Clinic of Dermatology
Alexandria & St. Could MN

May 2016
The RLCC Post Prom held in Oklee, MN. It was awesome! The talent Dan Lee has is unbelievable and he did an excellent job with these young students. The students on-stage, being hypnotized, were utterly surprised and shocked, after their hypnosis. All acts/events of the show were fun. Anyone can clearly see that each student in the audience had a fun time. Thank you very much!

April 2016
Thanks for putting on an AMAZING show at the Elks Lodge in Alexandria. The place was packed! I couldn’t of fit anyone else in the room. It was unbelievable how easy you made it look to be hypnotized. You had the whole audience laughing for the full show. You kept it clean yet it was still hilarious! After talking the crowd, who were first scared to by hypnotized most said they would actually be willing to go up on stage the next time you’re here. And there will be a next time! Best time I’ve had in years! Thank you! ~ Steph Guttum, Alexandria MN Elks Club Manager

April 17th 2016
Kristi Odegard (via Facebook) Thank you…what a great show this was….got my DVD ordered!!!

April 18th 2016
Steph Lee (via Facebook posts)
So happy they are still getting this guy we started with back in 2009 !!!! You do a great job Dan Lee!
Deb Nelson Carter I remember the first time I saw him, Ive never laughed that hard in my life!
Michele Bartholomay Wonderful job!! #danleehypnosis#prom2016

April 3 2016
Alexx Conrad (via Facebook posts) Your show was hilarious! Thank you for doing this for us!

Jennifer Diede Sedlacek Great entertainment! It was enjoyed by all!

March 28 2016
Kathy Boom Knettel (Via Facebook) Awesome Dan!

Febuary 2016
We had Dan as our Christmas party entertainment.  He was AWESOME!  The employees enjoyed it very much.  There was not a single person that wasn’t laughing.  He was very good to work with.  We would recommend him to anyone…. You won’t be disappointed!
Brooke Gordon
Dooley’s Petroleum, Inc
Murdock, MN 56271

From an email 11-24-2015

I booked Dan Lee Hypnosis for a school fundraising event this winter. He was early to the event to set up, entertained the crowd very well (we had a tough group) and took his stage down without interrupting cocktail hour. I was very impressed by how easily Dan was able to “play to his audience.” People at the gala stated that this was the funniest and most entertaining fundraising event they had ever been to in this area. Thanks so much for helping make our event a success! I will definitely be booking Dan again in the future.
Katie Jo S. Swaggert ~ Butterfly Hills Chair Alexandria MN

From an email today 5-15-15
You did a FANTASTIC job at Sheyenne High (West Fargo) that evening. My husband and I were there helping with Post Prom, and really enjoyed your show.
Thank you,

Via FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/DanLeeHypnosis

Great show tonight 🙂

Posted by Dacotah Bergstrom on Sunday, April 12, 2015

Via FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/DanLeeHypnosis

Great show!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Carson Fetting on Sunday, April 12, 2015

Via FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/DanLeeHypnosis

Thank you for performing at our post prom party! it was a very good, funny performance! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Posted by Michael Cameron on Sunday, April 12, 2015


Posted by Max Stromsodt on Monday, April 13, 2015

Via FaceBook: December 7th 2014
Emily Regnier: Thank you Dan for the great show last night! We all enjoyed it! When your cheeks hurt and belly hurts from laughing you know you had a good time! Thank you from Ella’s Salon!

Via FaceBook: December 7th 2014
Deb Engelking Esping: Thanks for a great show Dan…We had a lot of fun.

Via FaceBook: December 7th 2014
Samantha Anderson: It was a blast! Thanks for the great entertainment!!

Tamara Pachak: Commented Via FaceBook on August 24th 2014 “I have never had sooo much fun! Thank you!!!”

We really enjoyed your show & are still talking about it! I gave others your survey & the average was an 8 or 9 on your scale of 1 to 10. So very good! Hopefully, we can partner again for future events. ~ Gloria Riopelle MSU Moorhead April 2014.

Fun entertainment!! Kids had a great time and so did the parent chaperon’s! ~ Nancy Nettum ~  May 5th 2014

FaceBook Post on 5/1/2014
Great night with a ton of laughs thanks to Dan Lee Hypnosis! University of Minnesota Moorhead MN ~ Jon ‘Webbie’ Wepking

Thank you so much for such a great performance this morning! I think that my stomach still hurts from laughing so much ~ everyone in attendance loved it! You did fantastic. I will be recommending you to others. Again Great Big Thank You ~ Shelly Suckow Brandon MN April 27th 2014.

We were very satisfied with your performance, the time goes by so fast! (and very entertaining) I hope you are able to perform again for HHS post prom, and would recommend you to anyone! thanks again for your service.
Tracy Hovel Hankinson ND April 17th 2014

Shannon Jablonsky commented April 14th 2014 on FaceBook:
Thanks for the laughs! It was a fun show!

Very pleased with performance we would recommend Dan Lee to all – we had such a good time and so did our crowd. Thank you.
~ Grano Lakeside Lounge 2/14/2014

Dan does a great job of making people feel at ease and relaxed up on the stage.  He gets the crowd engaged and laughing.  I would highly recommend him…his show is a blast!
~ Heidi Solberg, Perham (MN) Base Ball Club 1/12/2014

Dan, thanks so much for the wonderful performance. People are still talking about it today. Great laughs, no one was embarrassed and many said that it was the best performer the company has ever had for the Xmas party in Fargo. How can we get our hands on a few DVDs for some of the participants?
~Jason Dyrdahl, McNeilus Steel Inc. Fargo ND 12/16/2014

Comment copied from my FaceBook page on December 16th 2013!
Eduardo Olivares Mendiola: Thanks to you too sir!! It was a blast…..we had a great time.

Comment copied from my FaceBook page on December 15th 2013!
Glenn Sylvester: Dan thank you for the amazing show!!
We would love to have you back in the near future.

I received great comments from audience members. “Best Christmas event ever”.
~ Denise Ristinen, Christmas committee member 12/14/2013

I first saw your performance at the New Years Eve Gala at The Cactus last year, and was very impressed. The Christmas committee (of which I am a part) thought it would be fun to try something different than a dance. You exceeded my expectations with providing a wonderful, appropriate show for our Christmas party. We were concerned we may not have enough volunteer participants and/or that people may not choose to stay. As you witnessed there were plenty of participants and people definitely chose to stay. It was a wonderful evening – thank you very much!
~ Pat Sjolie, Perham Health Vice-President of Ancillary Services 12/17/2013

It was a totally fun evening…..our staff needed a good stress reliever and Dan certainly filled the need. We will definitely recommend him to others. Thank you for making this an easy experience to book for a party.
~ Jean S, Christmas Party in Oakes, ND 12/7/2013

Everyone enjoyed the show very much. I had some people come up to me and mention that it was the best Christmas Party that we have had in a long time.  Very good job!
~ Katie Wagner, Terex Utilities, Inc. 12/2012

We all had a lot of fun. Not sure how we can top it next year.
~ Wade Huisman, Miniakota Microsprints 12/4/2012

Thanks Much!! There were some parents that set their alarms and came to the school just to watch your show because they had seen it in prior years, just wanted to share that. Have a great summer!
~ Heidi Mercil, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Post Prom 5/16/2012

Dan, Sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your survey. We haven’t met to go over the details of prom yet because everyone has been so busy. The comments I did hear that night were positive ones. The kids seemed to really enjoy your performance. It was great working with you. Thanks again!
~ Chris Weick, Graceville MN Post Prom Committee 5/15/2012

Dan, Everyone made very positive comments. Next year we have someone else who wants to work with the juniors. So I won’t be doing the prom coordinating next year, but I would hire you again in an instant. There were great comments from the students and the parents.
~ Tammy Ellsworth, Parkers Prairie MN 5/15/2012

VERY FUN!!!! ~ Jennifer Martin, Parkers Prairie MN 5/15/2012

Dan, Thank you again so much for being our hypnotist at post prom in Fergus Falls. We know it was your third show of the night and you did a fantastic job! We would like to accept your offer of locking you in for next year. Thanks again so much! The kids are still talking about it!
~ Mary Johnson ~ Fergus Falls MN 5/15/2012

Dan Lee is the Man! What a great night Last Night at Fergus prom!
Thanks Dan for hypnotizing me! Such a great experience ha ha we all looked funny up there! 🙂
Tanner Nygaard via FaceBook

I give you and the show  5 stars in every category! It was an outstanding show and very funny, and the kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you!
~ Deb Sawtell, Fergus Falls High School Post Prom Party 5/1/2012

We had such excited kids (and parents) after watching your performance. We can’t stop talking about it. Amazing!!
~ Kathy Bolme,  Richland High School, Colfax ND 4/23/2012

You did a great job at Richland! I started crying I was laughing so hard!
~ Sophie Syvertsen via FaceBook

Definitely 5 stars!! Dan…we really enjoyed your performance!!   We received a lot of feedback from our customers already and they all loved it also!!  Everyone had an amazing time!!   We will definitely keep your in mind for future shows. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening!
~ Tammy Hopp, Express Central Wholesale Plumbing & Heating, Wadena MN 4/19/2012

Would recommend, very good, enjoyed by all, very fun and different, just might be good to tell people u prefer to use your own AV equipment so client does not trouble him/herself with it. Very very good, personable, and fun for kids!!!
~ Alison Gilbertson, Arlington SD Post Prom 4/15/2012

*Note: It states in all contracts that I supply the sound and video (AV) for audiences of up to 500 people ~ Dan Lee Hypnosis

The kids had an awesome time, and said you were the best hypnotist they had ever seen! Thanks
~ Jackie Bye, Hatton ND Post Prom 3/25/2012

We received so much positive feedback from the Fergus Falls Fire Department’s party attendees that it was obvious our decision to hire Dan Lee Hypnosis for the entertainment portion of our evening was a good choice. Many said their stomachs and cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. It was an extremely well-executed and entertaining show. Thanks so much for your willingness to work with us within the confines of our budget. WELL worth it!
~ Robb & Michelle Foreman, Fergus Falls MN 2/19/2012

I would rate our show a 5.  Everyone had an amazing time and laughed through the entire show. Employees are still talking about it.  We would highly recommend “Dan Lee Hypnosis” to  anyone. We also appreciate that you kept the show clean for our younger audience.  Your overall performance was excellent. We would like to thank you again for making our Christmas party one that everyone will remember and talk about for years to come.  Thank you.
~ Renae Greenfield, County Fair Foods Christmas Party, Watertown SD 12/21/2012

We had Dan Lee Hypnosis perform at our Christmas party.   He did a superb job and kept all of us entertained for quite some time.   Feedback from my co-workers stated that this was the best Christmas party ever.   Dan was a real hit and my co-workers are still talking about it. Thanks Dan for the fun evening!
~ Julie Saude, Harms Oil Company 2/2/2011

We had a great time and the show was good!
~ Tony Terwey. Richmond, MN. Fire Dept 1/16/2010

Hey Dan –Just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous show. Everyone was really impressed. As well as myself.  I loved it! I also wanted to let you know that you were talked about a lot on the open line radio show. Patty Wiken who does the talk show went on and on about you. I hope this brings more business your way. I also hope someday we can have you back at the Post! That would be great. Thanks again!  You’re the bomb!
~ Nancy, Anderson’s outpost Carlos MN 6/16/2009

We had Dan Lee as our entertainment for our company Christmas party on January 10, 2009.  We have had other performers in the past year, but I must say that Dan Lee was one of our best.  He worked with us before, during and after his performance. He was very accommodating when we were running a little late for his scheduled time and he had everyone including the owner laughing from start to finish. He put on a clean, family friendly show and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone there. He asked questions ahead
~ J. Lundeen, Tires Plus Minot ND 1/30/2009

Dan performed his show as a fund raising event in order for me to help raise money for my medical mission trip to Guatemala. Dan brought in a full house and kept the crowd intrigued the entire time. The show was clean and professional. Many of people in the crowd stated, “I could not stop laughing.” Another person stated, “Laughter is great medicine and it is good for the heart and soul.” Others asked me to notify them when Dan is in the area again. I would highly recommend “Dan Lee Hypnosis” for any future bookings for entertainment. Dan is able to entertain all ages and he will accommodate his show to fit the needs of your group. I found Dan to be easy to work with and flexible with his schedule.
~ Tina Evenson 12/14/2008

We are writing to commend Dan Lee on his performance at the Wheaton Community Hospital and Medical Center’s Holiday Party on December 5, 2008. We looked for entertainment that would please all employees in a variety of ages including doctors, nurses, and board professionals. Some were skeptical about having a hypnotist, but all said it was the best entertainment we have ever had. Dan provided a clean, fun and entertaining show that was enjoyed by all employees. Dan was very accommodating and flexible as we didn’t have a lot of room to set up his stage area. He did a great job and had us all laughing the full hour. It was a pleasure working with Dan and would highly recommend him to any company looking for high quality entertainment.
~B. Petersen, Wheaton Community Hospital & Medical Center 12/11/2008


A big THANK YOU to all my loyal and cherished customers for booking Dan Lee Comedy Hypnosis!

We love to hear from audience members too! 
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